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Fulton CASA by the Numbers

Last year In Fulton County 1,100 abused and neglected children were removed from their homes. Atlanta CASA served 373 of those children. This means that we were only able to help 1/3 of the children in need of advocacy.  CASA volunteers are typically assigned to the most serious cases of abuse and maltreatment.  Last year 174 CASA volunteers contributed 42,000 advocacy hours on behalf of 373 child victims. Their efforts saved the county $1,068,060 Every year more than 2/3 foster children in our community are without CASA Volunteers.   As we continue to grow, we need community members to advocate so that we are able to serve 100% of the children in foster care. Foster children with CASA volunteers are more likely to graduate from high school. Children who have CASA volunteers are far less likely to be re-abused. CASA intervention stops the cycle of abuse that’s often passed on from generation to generation.

A CASA volunteer has just one file, and what they know is the child(ren) in that one file.

I am for the child who attended eight schools in four years because she’s in foster care. I advocate for her because her birth mother, debilitated by mental illness, neglected her. That is the child I stand for. And because I stand, she will be half as likely to languish in foster care, and that much more likely to find a safe, permanent home. I am a CASA Supporter.

I am you.

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